Event Posting Rules

The following types of events are eligible for listing:

1. Small Events (under 100 people)
2. Medium sized multi-day events (100 – 250)
3. Large multi-day events (250 + people)
4. Educational Events of any size
5. Medium to Large Parties (60 – 100 or more people on average)
6. Munches (We do not add munches / bar nights / meet & greets but please feel free to add them yourself and we will approve them for the calendar)
7. Events from English speaking countries. The posting has to follow our guidelines and be in english.

There are three ways to post events on the BDSM Events Calendar:

1.  Write bdsmeventscalendar@gmail.com.

2. Post the event on Fetlife at BDSMEventsCalendar.com

3. Submit the event through the button above.

Include the following information:

>City, State
>Exact Location
>Event Title
>Link for Registration

Why Isn’t My Event Being Posted?

At bdsmeventscalendar.com we work really hard to make sure things get updated on a daily basis.  There are many things going on in the states.  Here are a couple of reasons your posts might not be making it on the calendar:

1.  There is no city, state posted.

2.  There is no address posted.

3.  The event is held at a private home.  Besides MAsT meetings, bdsmeventscalendar.com does not post events held at private homes unless we are contacted by the owners of the event.  You can add the event yourself or contact us and we will be happy to help out.

4.  We do not post events that are munches, bar nights, craft nights, Karaoke and such.  However, you can post those yourself.

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