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tattoo_finalAbout slave sarah

sarah has been a lifestyle slave for 19 years.  She has participated and founded several groups over the years.  In 2000, she was the manager of Behind the Scenes in Philadelphia, PA.  She went on to be a founding member of MAsT Philadelphia and the KOTCA.  She founded and organized Snack and Learn, which was a lifestyle group for slaves in 2004.  She has been the Volunteer Coordinator for Diabolique several times and received the Diabolique Community Service Award in 2006.  She is and has been the member of several leather groups including but not limited to The Liberty Bears (Full Member), The Philadelphians (Associate Member), Leather Archives and Museum (sponsoring member), NJ Andromeda (honorary member), Philadelphia MAsT (founding member), and MATRIX (founding member and board member).  In addition, she helped found and run a play party in Philadelphia called ‘The Playground’.  She has also taught at many events around the country including SouthEast Leatherfest, TES, Black Rose, San Francisco Fringe, Passional, BDSM Overdrive, Leather Leadership Conference 2014 and many others.  Her favorite subjects include formal table service, leather etiquette, formal service, and healthy relationships.  Her passion is fundraising in and out of the community.

Currently, she runs a munch in New York City called the Kinky Scrabble Munch.  She is the National Education Director for SSASE (Soft Smiles Association for Submissive Education) and the Director of the NYC Chapter.  She is the owner of

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