5 stars

Event Name:  Fall Fantasy Kink Fest

Location of Venue:  Springfield, LA

Size of Venue:  Large

Capacity of Venue:  Unlimited

How would you rate this venue:  Amazing

Are there enough bathrooms:  Yes

Are there DM’s:  Yes

Is there sufficient security:  Yes.  There are guards with machete’s to keep anything wild and dangerous away.  There was an incident with a dog that was handled beautifully.  Apparently the dogs were not used to hot pink ponies.

Is the staff friendly: Yes

Is it sex positive:  Yes

How is the atmosphere / vibe:  

This is one of my new favorite events.  Truth be told, I prefer smaller events.  I find the experience a lot more bonding than larger events (those are still fun too).  The atmosphere here was amazing.  It was in the middle of nowhere.  We literally felt like we were going into the back woods.  It is a beautiful place.  The landscape is insane in Louisiana.  From the large Oak tree to the small Oak tree.  How awesome is it that you can teach under a gigantic oak tree?  Both Eric and I did classes at the Oak Tree. It was too beautiful to pass up.  The atmosphere was so relaxed. There is a wood platform that extends out into the bayou.  A field where they hold a bon fire and drumming (and s’mores…a welcome edition to any bonfire and drumming circle in my opinion).

How is the music:

Awesome although we didn’t spend much time indoors.

Any other comments:

Go to Louisiana for Spring Fling!  Besides being an hour away from New Orleans (also amazing!!!), it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been.  Everyone is so friendly.  There is truly nothing like Southern Hospitality.  The people are friendly.  The event is small.  The tater tot casserole was omg good.  If you are looking for a laid back time around kinky people…this is the place for you.

Overall, how would you rate this event:



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