breath play

Class Name: Blood and Air: Breath Play Deconstructed
Presenter Name:  Frozen Meursault
Class Length: 1.5 Hours
Class Level: Advanced

Major Topics Covered:

  • Technical / Medical Aspects of Breath Play
  • Fight or Flight
  • Bad Pain vs. Good Pain
  • Using your Body Weight
  • Positional Breath Play
  • Other Types of Breath Play
  • Negotiation
  • Blood Choke
  • Asthma and COPD

I really liked this class. I do think its an advanced class and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone new off the street, however, the content was very well presented.

Frozen Meursault obviously had a very technical comprehension of the topics he covered and the content was very good. I’d definitely recommend this class by this presenter.

My only negative feedback was not anything anyone did wrong. The classroom space was a little small and it wasn’t an ideal class space. I couldn’t see the presentation because of this. Not anyone’s fault. I was a little late, so thats what I get 🙂 It was a little hot, however, again, no one’s fault. It did cool down for the party which I was grateful for.

Otherwise, very thoughtful and informative presentation.

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